Portrait by Emily Hlavac Green

Portrait by Emily Hlavac Green

performance as power.
sincerity as strength.
stories as truth.

i’m erin kim. a strategist and expert in interpersonal relations and authenticity. i craft intimate experiences through digital platforms, word and image.

i guide brands & individuals in finding their social media voice via Agnes Strategies Corp. previously, i helped shaped the digital voices of Entertainment Weekly, Sweetgreen, Architizer, Passion Passport, and engaged audiences with Yahoo, J.Crew and Refinery29.

i meld strategy with layered, editorial narratives and have a self-designed degree in Storytelling & Documentary from NYU Gallatin.

as an artist (aka Agnes), i made Lettres Mag to reimagine emotional connection. i’ve spoken at The Moth and Creative Mornings. and i sing – anywhere.

i believe in sincerity, self-empowerment, vulnerability, and empathy. 

for you,
Lettres Mag.
professionally personal.
Creative Mornings.

what if everyone understood social media as a gathering space,
a safe playground for understanding, expansion and hope?
what exists in silence? how to communicate space online?
what are alternative stories of being human?