Berlin, 2014


Erin Kim is an artist, curator and digital storyteller. Based in NYC, she's lived in Seattle, Seoul, Berlin, and LA. Her global, creative vision and sensibility for creating communities on and offline has led her to brands like Entertainment Weekly, J.Crew, Refinery29, and Yahoo. 

Her mission is to empower soulful truth-telling and build connections through the intersection of stories, art and technology. As a creative artist who goes by Agnes, she creates safe spaces for vulnerability and empathy through her photography, writing, zines, workshops, and songs. 

Her BA is in Storytelling at NYU Gallatin, where she studied how we construct, express and understand realities through film, fashion & words.

Currently, she's a social media consultant helping brands with a deeper story to find and express their voice through brilliant, beautiful and honest storytelling. Click 'contact' to say hi, or drop her DM on Instagram and Twitter (@agnesonduty).

What she's excited about: her Kickstarter-funded art magazine launch (Lettres Mag) + speaking at Creative Mornings + crying in this emotional podcast interview.