Berlin, 2014


Erin Kim is an artist, storyteller, community curator and social media content consultant based in NYC.

Facts: She’s lived in Seattle, Seoul, Berlin and LA. She’s worked at Entertainment Weekly, J.Crew, Refinery29, Yahoo, Sweetgreen. She is Agnes (a photographer, singer songwriter, performer, zinester, flâneuse, and international spy). She studied Storytelling & Documentary at NYU Gallatin.

Feelings: Moved by the truths we can’t see, but know through shared feeling. Excited to bend binaries. Most alive when connecting and allowing people to feel seen through stories online and offline. Delighted by unexpected collaborations.

Thoughts: What if we understood social media as a gathering space? A safe playground for connection, expansion, storytelling and hope? What constitutes true connection on and offline? This is what she thinks about on the subway.

Things you may know her from: Lettres Mag, her Kickstarter-funded art magazine + this Creative Mornings talk + her Dear Tinder essay.