Portrait by Emily Hlavac Green

Portrait by Emily Hlavac Green


Erin Kim is a storyteller and community curator crafting experiences through social media and digital platforms. Currently working with various brands and clients (as Agnes Strategies Corp), she’s previously developed content and campaigns with Entertainment Weekly, Sweetgreen, Architizer, Refinery29, Yahoo and J.Crew. With a degree in Storytelling & Documentary from NYU Gallatin, she characterizes her social media strategies with engaging, journalistic narratives.

As an interdisciplinary artist (Agnes) and founder of the love letter art journal Lettres Mag, she creates intimate works reframing self-empowerment, vulnerability, and empathy. 


A feeling. loveling; an early interest and budding affinity toward someone, like a friendly, affectionate crush.

A question. What if everyone understood social media as a gathering space, a safe playground for understanding, expansion and hope?

Love letters for you. Lettres Mag. Creative Mornings. Dear Tinder.