Writing is my first language when it comes to storytelling. I write from my heart and with a mission to empower others to share their vulnerable stories. As a curator of ideas, I tend to explore themes of intimacy, connection, love and romance, family, personal growth, millennial and digital culture. 

I've written for Medium's Digital Culturist, HelloGiggles, Yahoo, and countless corners of the internet as some of your favorite brands.

Fun fact: My Dear Tinder essay went viral and Tinder paid me $400. This makes more sense when you read this.


essays & STORIES

> Tiny Letter love letters & other things: An exploration of intimacy via emails & letters

> Dear Tinder, Thank You For Everything (Medium's Digital Culturist Issue #5) 

> How Selfies Became My Tool For Empathy (Medium's Digital Culturist Issue #4) (Featured in The Lunch Read)

What It Means To Be A (Me)llennial

Social Media - A Medium To Know Reality



A Love Story - Subject Line: to the man sitting across from me on the subway