Berlin, 2014


Erin Kim is an artist and digital storyteller. Based in NYC, she's lived in Seattle, Seoul, Berlin, LA and various cities. Her uniquely global, creative vision has attracted teams at J.Crew, Refinery29, Entertainment Weekly, and Yahoo. She trademarks her branded storytelling across platforms by creating emotional, interactive experiences and building communities on and offline.

As a creative artist, she is an award-winning photographer, most recently showcasing her self-portraits at Yeah, That's What She Said's annual art show in July 2017. She's a writer, zine-maker, letter writer, singer and songwriter, and constantly seeking to innovate how we connect through stories. She will be a speaker at Creative Mornings in August 2017. 

Currently the Social Media Manager at Architizer, Erin's storytelling platform of expertise is social media/digital.

Erin studied Storytelling at NYU Gallatin, researching how realities are communicated through film, fashion, and writing.

Her latest and proudest project has been curating and editing Lettres Mag, a print magazine of international love letters.